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Financial & Legal Management

Corandirk House encourages all residents to remain independent in all aspects of their lives. Families are encouraged to assist in these matters. On admission to Corandirk House you will be given an information booklet “Resident’s information” which will explain your rights and responsibilities and is a guide for the residents in a Supported Residential Services.

Corandirk House can assist with management of monthly pocket money. The maximum amount of your money which can be held at any time cannot be more than the amount you pay for one month’s accommodation. We will keep a record of authority to hold resident’s pocket money and a itemised transaction record. You or your administrator are entitled to request a statement of income and expenditure at least once every three months. You are also entitled to request access to the financial records the proprietor holds on your behalf.

There is no “in-going” premium or BOND however, a security deposit equal to one month's fee may be required. The fees for accommodation are inclusive of all meals, laundry, assitance with personal care needs and cleaning of the room.

Our Commitment To You

  • To always provide excellence in care and service.
  • To ensure each resident receives care based on his or her individual needs.
  • To provide a warm and caring social environment.
  • To be treated as an individual and with dignity and respect.
  • To maintain Confidentiality of residents personal health status.
  • To provide a system for addressing complaints, so that they may be investigated and the necessary corrective actions to be taken.
  • To ensure that all services listed in the Residential

    Statement are available.