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Medical & Health Care

Any medical practitioner or the doctor of your choice is free to visit the facility. Pharmaceutical Service Corandirk House has a service arrangement with a local pharmacist. Pharmaceuticals will be delivered to the facility every week or as required. The resident is responsible for payment of their own account. Aids and Appliances Residents are responsible for their account for any aids or appliances required. Podiatrist visits every six weeks. Residents are responsible for the payment of their own account.

Corandirk House can arrange for any additional services you may require. Please inform the appropriate staff member if you require any specific professional services for example: Dentist, Dietician, R.D.N.S, Continence Nurse Advisor, Psychiatric Services, Speech Therapist or Occupational Therapist.

Hair Dressing

In-house hairdressing services is available weekly. Residents are responsible for their account.

Our Commitment To You

  • To always provide excellence in care and service.
  • To ensure each resident receives care based on his or her individual needs.
  • To provide a warm and caring social environment.
  • To be treated as an individual and with dignity and respect.
  • To maintain Confidentiality of residents personal health status.
  • To provide a system for addressing complaints, so that they may be investigated and the necessary corrective actions to be taken.
  • To ensure that all services listed in the Residential Statement are available.